"'Tales of an All-Night Town' is a hair-bending ride in the vein of...'The Wire.' I was in love with these characters! I didn't want the book to end."

Ericka Blount Danois

"An American classic, authentic in every detail and written in a style that suits the suspenseful material - this is a very important book."

Gordon Parks

"Tales of an All-Night Town' invites comparison with Norman Mailer's "The Executioner's Song."...Like Mailer in Provo, Utah, (Brockman) conveys the language and idiom of the streets and roadhouses of Lovejoy, Ill., so convincingly that her story actually seems to be told from the inside out...Unlike Mailer, (she) does not call her book a novel; this makes it difficult to praise her skills as an artist without running the risk of offending her pride as a journalist - if indeed this is a distinction she herself would make. I trust it isn't, for "Tales of an All-Night Town" transcends the differences between the categories, achieving the sort of accuracy that is approached in only the most intelligent books, fiction or nonfiction."

Philip Rosenberg, The New York Times Book Review

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